Caribou migration I (detail), from the Oil and the Caribou series, 2002

PHOTO SET I (WHITE)         |       PHOTO SET II (GREEN/GREY)         |       PHOTO SET III (BROWN)  

A selection of photographs from Alaska, Yukon, and the Sakha Republic of Siberia are presented here in three sets, based not on geography but on color: predominantly white, predominantly green/grey, and predominantly brown. I’d also note that the colors do not strictly adhere to seasons, for example Loon on Nest is a summer photograph but appears in the white section of this portfolio. In my essay, “Photography’s Silence of (Non)Human Communities,” in the 18th Biennale of Sydney exhibition catalogue, all our relations, I wrote: Up in the north, I have been working with three motifs. The first is colour—not as a medium but as a motif. It is a political choice. In the popular conception around the world, the Arctic is primarily thought to be a space of ‘snow and ice’ and ‘ice and snow’. In the words of pro–oil–development USA politicians, the Arctic has been variously described as ‘flat white nothingness’, ‘frozen wasteland of snow and ice’ and ‘barren wasteland’. In the popular TV program 60 Minutes, it was described as ‘hostile wasteland’. I began to ask: Can I make a photograph with only brown; white and brown; only grey; white, grey and brown; white, blue and brown; only green; green and blue? … Colour, I thought, would be a wonderful visual language to help us unlearn some of these intolerances.

For a brief description of each of the projects, please visit the PROJECTS page on this site.


Dead Piñon Where Birds Gather in Autumn (detail), from the On My Way to the Powerline series, 2009

PHOTO SET I (CACTUS)       |       PHOTO SET II (PIÑION)       |       PHOTO SET III (SKY)

Photographs from the Desert Series will be posted soon.


Dying Sea Stars (detail), from the Devastation series, 2014

Photographs from the Forest Series will be posted in 2015.